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Customer Reviews & Stories

"If I can give Bowen Automotive 100 stars I would! They are definitely a great automotive service here in Rohnert Park! I took my car in after having it be looked at by another mechanic and they not only corrected the service that was initially done but they also identified all other issues with my car. Down to the window wipers! They worked with me to help me identify the order in which I should get my repairs done that will save me more money. They are truly awesome! Their prices are fair and Patrick is amazing!! He worked on my car and communicated with me via phone. The team at Bowen are fast and of great quality! I will be returning for ALL my automotive needs!! Thank you Bowen and special thanks to Patrick!"

- Jenica W. - Yelp Review

"I went into Bowen last week due to a leak under,car and the owner was very helpful and showed me that when I had my transmission flushed the place I went to didn't properly replace,drain plug to transmission fluid and they tightened it for free . ... now I know I will be using them as my mechanic thnxs Travis and staff for the help could have been costly."

- Ed B. - Yelp Review

"I took my 2004 Toyota Highlander to Mobil 1 for brake issues and was told I had a leaking brake line that needed to be replaced. They were going to charge me $400 for replacing the part, bleeding the brakes, and bleeding the ABS. That sounded steep so I wanted to get a second opinion. I took my car to Bowen's Automotive and told them the issue. Travis inspected my car and discovered that the line wasn't damaged, just loose! He tightened the line, topped off the brake fluid, bled the brakes, and took it for a test drive to make sure it was safe for me! And I wasn't charged a dime! Travis saved me $400! I can't thank this team enough and will be coming back to Bowen's for all car maintenance in the future! Rest assured that you are in good hands with these guys!"

- Riley L. - Yelp Review

"I have been going to Bowen's Automotive for years. They are very friendly, knowledgeable, fair, and take the worry out of what otherwise could be a very stressful situation. The owner Travis is very accessable and Patrick the service manager is always pleasant. I would not trust another shop with my cars and highly recommend them if you want a shop that is honest and fair!"

- Amy C. - Yelp Review

"Over five years after my last review and not only am I still taking that same car in there, but I'm also taking in my new car, AND my husband takes his truck there. These guys are Saturn specialists, but they also work on Fords and Chevys. I am still THRILLED with this company's workmanship, honesty, and dedication. Recently I went to a testing facility where my Saturn couldn't be tested because the testing facility stated that all my smog readiness monitors weren't functioning. This made no sense to me (and I happened to hear them tell this to one of the other customers) so I drove to Bowen's and asked them about it. Bowen's hooked my car up to their system and double-checked it and gave me their business card to give to the smog station because everything was a-okay as it should be. Amazingly, when I went back to the smog station (where I had already paid for a smog test to be done) and told them what my mechanic had said (Bowen's), now my car system was ready to be smogged and passed with flying colors. I'm not saying there was any weirdness with the smog station, but I appreciated the fact that Bowen's helped me out without any cost to me."

- Bred W. - Yelp Review

"Used them for the first time a few months ago to repair a faulty heater on my 2000 Suburban. Last year I paid the dealership a lot of $ to "repair" it, and the repair lasted about 1month. This year I had Bowen's do it and the heater is working as good as new. The follow-up from Patrick was excellent and I never got the feeling that they were going to gouge me, unlike at Platinum Chevrolet. When I brought the vehicle in for a new power steering pump (had a lot of leakage), Patrick immediately stated that "It might just be a hose leading to or from the pump, and that would be cheaper. Let's check it out first." When I called the dealership I got, "Sounds like you need a new pump and hoses" that was before they even saw the truck. When the dealership saw my brake pads they said. "You need all new brakes and rotors". At Bowen's they said, "You have about 20% on the backs and 20% on the fronts, your rotors look good...but need to keep an eye on them okay?" Guess where I'm taking the truck for new brakes."

- JP M. in Santa Rosa, CA

"I started using Bowen's when I moved up to Sonoma county last year and I'm extremely impressed with their customer service. I always feel as though they are being totally honest with me about what is going on with the car and what my options are. I've never felt that they are trying to get as much $ out of me as they can, which seems to be rare in a mechanic. When the work is going to take more than a short while, they always offer me a ride home and back. That's service! what more can you possibly ask for?"

- Abbe M. in San Francisco, CA

"Wow. After a TERRIBLE experience at Pep Boys I decided to bring my car to Bowen's because they had the best reviews. My check engine light was on. Bowen's did the diagnostic in an hour. My car was running lean, and they found that the hose near the air filter was disconnected, and reconnected it. Cleared the code and my check engine light is now off. They only charged me for the diagnostic! I cannot express how satisfied I am with this place! Would recommend this place to anyone. I'm pretty sure I will be taking my car here from now on. Woohoo!!!!"

- Rachel G. in Petaluma, CA

"I'm really happy with the service at Bowen's. Travis and Chris and crew are top of it when it comes to maintaining my car -- they're prompt, professional, friendly, and reasonably priced. I drive to Santa Barbara County twice a month and I trust the car to get me there and back. That peace of mind counts for a lot. Thanks!"

- Richard A. in Santa Rosa, CA

"Amazing service! Bowen's Automotive is amazing, trustworthy and dependable. I always feel as if my car's needs are being met and exceeded. Travis and Chris also make it easy for someone like me, with absolutely no car knowledge, to feel as if I am getting taken care of rather than taken for a ride! Anyone with a GMC vehicle ought to at least check out the awesome service with an oil change. The great prices and even better service will keep you coming back!"

- Local Google User at

"I own a 2000 Saturn which had a bad transmission. I took it to Saturn of Santa Rosa and they installed a new one in January of 2005 which broke by the end of June of 2006. That was the last time I was ever going to the dealership. Bowen's got me a new transmission and installed it for about $500 less than the dealership and figured out why the first one failed. I'm so happy!"

- William E. at

"I didn't get a chance to thank you guys the other day for being so accommodating. You guys are always great about making it easy for me to drop off and pick up my car. I've never been to a shop that does that. Plus, I am always treated like my business is appreciated which keeps me coming back. Keep up the good work!"

- Chad C. from Santa Rosa, CA

"We just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you did on our Saturn, your customer service was outstanding. We really appreciate how honest and down to earth you are. Our car is running beautifully, better than when we first got it. We will definitely be recommending you. Thank You for being our mechanics."

- C. Morgan from Santa Rosa, CA

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